Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We went to Barro's tonight (it is my kids favorite place to go) and we introduced Katie to Ranch Dressing. She couldn't get enough. It started as a little pile on her plate and turned into her wanting the whole container. She got it everywhere but she loved it.

Once again Jacob asked to be in every picture, but then every time I would take it he wouldn't move his pizza. Silliness.

This is Katie's new happy face. Isn't it..... pretty. Just makes you want to ..... hug her? I do love this munchkin.


Sandra said...

Love your blog! Love your title! I need a new title. Visit mine if u dare. hahaha =)

rusty and julie thatcher said...

oh sarah i just love your kids. i could'nt ask for better nephews and nieces. they are all just way to cute and say the funniest things. i just love looking at all of their smiles. they are the best!

Katy said...

Those pictures made me smile! So cute. And mmm, Barros sounds yumnmy!

Melissa said...

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