Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy 7th Jacob!

I love birthdays but I hate to see my kids getting so old. This is my baby boy and he is no longer a baby. He is such a gift to have around. David took the day off and we went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast (my kids look for any excuse to go there). Then we pretty much just spent the day hanging out as a family. He got a video game that morning and spent the bulk of the day playing it with dad. It was a very nice relaxing day.

He waited to open the rest of his presents till Mike got home that night (my kids have loved having Mike stay with us while he was waiting to move his family here).I love this pic. You can just see how happy Ben is singing "Happy Birthday"......Katie, as well.
Mike just makes everything fun and happy.
This face cracks me up. If you can't tell he is puzzled over why the "one" candle didn't blow out.(He quickly remedied that).He has been asking for a big magnifying glass for a while and Grandma and Grandpa were happy to acquire one for him. He has had tons of fun with that thing.Ben and Jake both love this Ninjago Lego stuff. Nana has a "gift" for gift giving.
They have also been found sneaking around with these awesome walkie talkies. Life would be boring without little boys sometimes.Then we had a fun movie night with his last gift. Joelle and I were the only ones who got to see this movie in the theater so it was a real treat. I love just being with my family. They are the best!
These kids definilty know how to party!


Laurel Baker said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!!!! What a CUTE dino cake! And how fun to get to have Uncle Mike there! He does make everything more fun! :) How lucky that next year you will get to have their whole family there for Jake's baptism!!! LOVE and MISS your sweet family!!!

GlemserFamily said...

LOVED all of the posts! We can't WAIT to see you guys tomorrow! No more holidays and birthdays alone---we will be there whether you want us or not! :)