Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Funny Stories

Yesterday after homeschool the girls were playing with my stamps, and Joelle noticed that it seemed like she was a librarian.... stamp.... stamp.... stamp, etc. She came up with the great idea of playing library. This was a new one I had never heard of :). Basically it consisted of the girls sitting at their little school table in their room writing a bunch of little books so that they could stamp inside them just like they do at the library (which they don't do much anymore since it is all computerized now :). Ben kept running out with a new "book" that he had checked out for me to read to him. They were really funny little stories. Then he and Jake decided that they wanted to make a book to put in the girls library. The boys are not as patient as the girls as far as writing and illustrating their own books, so they asked me to type for them while they told me what to write. Here are their stories for anyone who is interested. I tried to type exactly as they said it. Enjoy!

Deadly Dinosaurs (by Ben Christensen)

The first deadly dinosaur that we all know of is called T-Rex. The T-Rex is the biggest, most
largest dinosaur that we know of.

The Pterydactl is the flying dinosaur. It can sometimes be deadly. When it is deadly you might
not want to be near it because it will fly down, pick you up, take you to it's natural habitat.
Usually their natural habitats are on super high rocks, like a cliff. The super high rocks are
usually skinny. If they are skinny, they usually don't have babies. (It took me a second reading to understand that he meant the Pterydactls don't have babies if the rocks are skinny :)

The Triceritops is a really deadly dinosaur. I think it weighs over 200 pounds. It has 3 horns.
2 horns are on it's head and the 3rd one is his nose. If you get hit by one of these sharp horns, usually you will die. If you are lucky, you will just have to go to a doctor.

Stay tuned for the next book.

The Backyardagains Super Hero (by Jake Christensen)

Here is Jacob.

I am going to type in a story.

It is about backyardagains. It is probably going to be a christmas one.

Once upon a time there was 1 abominable snowman, and 1 ice was in his way but I don't know why. Then there was 4 elves and 1 santa. Santa had lots of presents, wind up toys, dancing dolls, and butterflies, and snakes. He has all sorts of stuff.

And then they found a jewel. There was green, yellow, blue, red and sparkle blue. Then white. That was a costume and at the white part there was a smoker that can play 5025 smoke.
But incase there was two blocks of ice and then a wall full of 225 blocks of ice and then there was a dinosaur.
Then we found a stack and then there was no toys in there and then they put in toys.

The End.
(I was actually spelling out all of the numbers at first, but he said he wanted to see the "real" numbers. He is a number kid.)


GlemserFamily said...

Those are great stories! Tell the boys I loved them!! What a great idea to play library also...Your kids are so cute!

Laurel Baker said...

Very creative stories!! It is so funny how kids' minds work!

TQ said...

Haha I love these. Thanks for sharing!

Nikki said...

Love them and the stories hehe...

nglemser said...

Look out J.K. Rowling! Now they just need an illustrator...Josh?